Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Sailor Moon Wedding

So I am a total geek.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 years now, and we've talked about marriage several times.  However, money is tight and we can't do the big wedding we'd like with both our families present. But we figured, why wait? We can get married, just for us, and then have a party with our families when we can afford it.  It made no sense to delay getting married just for the expense of a giant shindig.

But of course, I had to fancy up the courthouse ceremony somehow, and once I settled on Sailor  Moon as the theme, I was set! For the flowers I used a pre-gathered ribbon from Michaels.  I just glued it to itself in a spiral pattern, then I added gold buttons to the centers. Usagi wore white flowers all over her wedding dress, but I didn't want to wear that many flowers!

I attached the flowers to some floral wire and then wrapped the stems in a wide, white ribbon. I then added some lace to fill out the bottom of the bouquet so it had the right conical shape. I then added a moon pendant plus pink and cream ribbons around the base. The ribbons remind me of Princess Serenity's dress from the eyecatch of Sailor Moon Crystal.

I used more of the same gathered ribbon to make corsages for my gal pals. The construction was the same just with different buttons in the centers. I then added ribbons to the back, each one corresponding to a different Sailor Senshi and Luna.

In the back I glued both a broach pin and a hair clip to back so the girls could wear them however they wanted after the ceremony.  Then I used the pin to attach them to wristbands.

For the guys I made boutonnieres using Tuxedo Mask's emblem and pocket watch as inspiration. The base is a webbed ribbon folded into 3 loops then glued on top of each other. In the centers I glued a mini rose (his weapon of choice in the first anime series), a mini bow tie, and a moon button.

For my husband to be, the construction of the base was exactly the same. Instead of a bow tie I added a mini top mat and instead of a moon I made a mini mask out of craft foam  Then I found a set of moon and star pendants, and decided to put the moon on my collar and the star on his boutonniere.

In addition to the moon pendant. I also added a small black stone to the collar.  It matches his favorite necklace which he wore during the ceremony. I also made matching black stone earrings.

For clothes I originally wanted to make Princess Serenity's dress, but I just didn't have enough time. Instead, I wore a cream colored dress I already had in my wardrobe. I did manage to make some Serenity hair clips and I tried to make my hair look a little bit like buns. The groom wore black pants, a black shirt, red suspenders and a top hat, all from his closet.

In the end, I was happy to just be married.  Even if I didn't have all these extras I would have been just as happy, but it was fun adding a little bit of a personal touch.  Also, shoutout to my friend Dan who brought a DSLR and took pictures for us! All my friends made this such a fun day!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dressed like the First Lady

I've been needing a new winter coat for a couple of years now. I've either outgrown my old ones or the closures have broken. I do have one super puffy ski jacket, but it's unnecessary for the light winters we get here in Atlanta, Georgia. So, I finally bit the bullet and dived into coat making.

I usually shop at Fine Fabrics, a discount supply store that doesn't individually label its products. So this purple fabric was from their wool & cashmere section and that's all I know about the fabric content. It's not as thick as some of the obvious wools that were there and was probably meant as more of a suiting fabric. But it was such a lovely shade of purple I bought it anyways.

You can see my notch markings!

I made up for its thinness by interfacing the entire lining and facing. I used a thick interfacing to give the coat more structure and warmth and I think it worked very well. I like how the coat is able to flare out without additional help, such as horsehair braid.

I used Butterick 5966, a multi cup pattern, and I cut out the DD piece for size --. After a breif tissue fitting to make sure I had ample room, I went ahead and cut out my fashion fabric. The front fit extremely well and the back is slightly baggy. No surprise since I usually do a swayback adjustment in my dresses. But since this was outerwear I didn't mind. 

I used shoulder pads for the first time and I like the extra structure they give. I also like how they give the illusion of a smaller waist by comparison. Now to be honest, I am wearing an under bust corset in this shot, but the contrast adds to the drama. 

The other detail on the coat I'm fond of is the button placket. I like how it turned out and I LOVE these coconut buttons I got from JoAnns. I'm also enjoying how the contrast of the lilac lining peaks out along the placket and the pockets. 

Shape without the belt

This coat really fills a void in my wardrobe. I had nothing to bridge the gap between my light fall jackets and my blizzard-ready puffer. I also didn't have anything to wear with a dress the few times I went out someplace nice. This coat is already getting a ton of wear, unfortunately spring is coming and it'll have to get shelved fairly soon. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Colette Meringue and Taffy

These have been some of my earliest projects, but they've never seen the light of day. I'm a bit of a completionist, so although my size and style choices have changed, I was determined to finished all of the Colette Sewing Book patterns. The Meringue skirt I finished back in 2013, while the Taffy blouse was started in 2014 and then finally picked back up/completed in 2015.

The skirt is made from a pinwale corduroy that was originally bought for one of the boyfriend's costume vests. I had enough leftovers for a skirt so I  figured, why not?

After sewing my muslin, I decided I didn't like the depth of the scallops. Which I found odd since I liked the pictures of Meringue in the book. Finally figured it was because the scallops were a lot more stretched out horizontally on the bigger sizes than the smaller ones.  I guess it's hard to make sure the details scale up with the sizing.  Rather than make them deeper, I decided to increase the scallops count from 10 to 12, which made each scallop a bit narrower.

Construction was super simple, the only major thing I changed was adding a waistband.  I don't think I like waist facings very much.  I tried it on the muslin, just for the sake of learning.  But really prefer the band, it feels a lot more secure.  

Old picture from 2013

I cut a size 18 for both the top and the bottom. Back in 2013 the skirt fit just fine, perfectly even. I even wore it out a couple times. But now...

...It's a little to big. So is the blouse. I can try and hide the blouse's bagginess by using the waist ties, but that can only do so much.

The blouse was made entirely from remnants. I found two pieces of purple knit, a piece of teal knit, and a coordinating satin print. I planned out my color blocking so I could use all of my pieces to the fullest, and I really like how it turned out. 

This was my first time using French seams, as dictated by the book. Because of the knit fabric it wasn't really necessary, but I viewed this as more of a skill building exercise. I only messed up once and it was the shoulder seam. I didn't want to unpick the seam and start over, so I just encased the seam in some more bias binding.

The shirt is obviously to big when I'm not standing still for photos. The neckline gapes open and constantly shows off my bra straps. I'm still in love with the colors and the design, but this will probably be regulated to lounging around the house.

Up Next!

So, I still have to finish the licorice dress eventually. I want to at least say I finished all 5 Colette book patterns. I've got the fabric set aside and everything (I've had it for at least 2 years) I just gotta sit down and get it done. 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Quick Christmas Comission

This is just a quick post about a commission I did for a friend this month. With the Krampus movie coming out he wanted to go to a holiday party dressed as the titular character.

I've made this pattern (Simplicity 9887twice before, sewing capes for me and my boyfriend. I cut from the typical crushed velvet, using red for the outside and black for the inside. This time I simply left openings by the shoulders for his arms, simply stitching the shell and lining together at those points. It wasn't until I had finished that I realized the pattern came with alternate pieces for the yoke that included armholes. But it was too late and it still turned out well. 

Using the faux fur was a new experience for me. I had to be strategic about how I stitched it to the hood and down the front, making sure the nap was running in the direction I wanted. I watched a lot of online tutorials to learn how to properly cut and sew the fur.  I also had to figure out attaching the toggles, which were a bit too think to run through my machine. Lots of hot glue and fabric glue kept them in place. Overall, I believe it's a successful project, and my friend was very pleased. Combined with his custom leather mask he was a hit at the holiday party.

Check out his dope mask!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015 Pt 2 - We're All Mad Here

Because my costume was mostly pre-assembled, I was able to spend my sewing energy on my boyfriends costume. I originally wanted him to be Rumplestilskin, but he voted for the Mad Hatter instead. Still an awesome villain but harder to make with materials I already had. 

First of all, he needed a coat. I was on a budget so I couldn't just buy a ton of heavy tweed. So I went to the thrift store and bought a medium weight fabric curtain. It was a bright red-orange so I dyed it with black to dull the color down to a burgundy. 

I then cut out Simplicity 2333, using the pre-made hems of the curtain wherever I could to save time (this was a very last minute costume!). The contrast on the collar was made from scraps from last years elf costume. I only used it on the collar and the inside of the front flaps to give it a clean edge, but it doesn't extend all the way inside.

His vest was another scraps project. The hatter, in any version, is always full of texture and layers. So I used leftover red brocade from my GoT dress and lined it with leftover red velvet from his Royal Cape project. Personally, he finds it too flamboyant, but I think it matches with the overall look. 

Just a couple of finishing touches and we were done. My boyfriend even bought a real top hat that he's been wearing on a regular basis ever since.  The sleeves were never hemmed and the coat doesn't have an actual lining, but he loved his costume and we had a blast going out for Halloween!