First Time at Dragoncon

We are the Crystal Gems!

Dragoncon, one of the country's largest Fantasy/Sci-fi/Gaming/Anime conventions. This year was my first time attending and it was a blast! I didn't have much time nor the money to prepare something big so I whipped up a quick costume over the course of a few days.

I picked Garnet from Cartoon Network's Steven Universe. Having the right hair and skin tone meant that a lot of the costume was already done for me (no wigs needed!). I just needed her outfit, and the simple character design made it pretty easy.

The outfit consists of three main pieces: a top, a leotard, and some tights.  For the tights, I bought a black pair and a burgundy pair, cut them up and serged them together along the crotch.  The seam was easily hidden by a leotard I already had in my wardrobe, which also gave the right shape to the colored leg.

For the top, I cut out pink and magenta stars from plain cotton, and stitched them to an old t-shirt. I used the shirt as a template for the sleeves, cut them out of pink and burgundy cotton, and stitched them right on top of the existing sleeves. Finally, I gave a quick chop to the bottom of the shirt, and then added 1-inch elastic along the edge to keep it snug. Quick and dirty!

Square Mom at your service.

The gloves were made from sheer knee highs. I basically followed a tutorial I found that used them to make gloves, but I only stitched one finger, and cut the rest off.  I then glued some gems to the palms and presto! I just had to grab some shades and my costume was complete!

By the way, I did make a Steven shirt for my boyfriend so we would match, but it shrunk a bit in the wash and he said it was uncomfortable.  It's okay though, there were plenty of other Stevens who took their picture with me.

Garnet, Steve, and a tiny floating whale.

This character was a great excuse to just let my hair do it's thing. I didn't need to worry about the humidity frizzing it up; the bigger the better! The costume was super comfortable and left me able to walk around easily, super important at a convention that spans several city blocks. I wore flats and my feet still ached!

This kid asked his mom for a picture with me!
Sore feet aside, I had a blast at Dragoncon, and can't wait for next year. Any excuse to dress up!

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