A Sailor Moon Wedding

So I am a total geek.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 years now, and we've talked about marriage several times.  However, money is tight and we can't do the big wedding we'd like with both our families present. But we figured, why wait? We can get married, just for us, and then have a party with our families when we can afford it.  It made no sense to delay getting married just for the expense of a giant shindig.

But of course, I had to fancy up the courthouse ceremony somehow, and once I settled on Sailor  Moon as the theme, I was set! For the flowers I used a pre-gathered ribbon from Michaels.  I just glued it to itself in a spiral pattern, then I added gold buttons to the centers. Usagi wore white flowers all over her wedding dress, but I didn't want to wear that many flowers!

I attached the flowers to some floral wire and then wrapped the stems in a wide, white ribbon. I then added some lace to fill out the bottom of the bouquet so it had the right conical shape. I then added a moon pendant plus pink and cream ribbons around the base. The ribbons remind me of Princess Serenity's dress from the eyecatch of Sailor Moon Crystal.

I used more of the same gathered ribbon to make corsages for my gal pals. The construction was the same just with different buttons in the centers. I then added ribbons to the back, each one corresponding to a different Sailor Senshi and Luna.

In the back I glued both a broach pin and a hair clip to back so the girls could wear them however they wanted after the ceremony.  Then I used the pin to attach them to wristbands.

For the guys I made boutonnieres using Tuxedo Mask's emblem and pocket watch as inspiration. The base is a webbed ribbon folded into 3 loops then glued on top of each other. In the centers I glued a mini rose (his weapon of choice in the first anime series), a mini bow tie, and a moon button.

For my husband to be, the construction of the base was exactly the same. Instead of a bow tie I added a mini top mat and instead of a moon I made a mini mask out of craft foam  Then I found a set of moon and star pendants, and decided to put the moon on my collar and the star on his boutonniere.

In addition to the moon pendant. I also added a small black stone to the collar.  It matches his favorite necklace which he wore during the ceremony. I also made matching black stone earrings.

For clothes I originally wanted to make Princess Serenity's dress, but I just didn't have enough time. Instead, I wore a cream colored dress I already had in my wardrobe. I did manage to make some Serenity hair clips and I tried to make my hair look a little bit like buns. The groom wore black pants, a black shirt, red suspenders and a top hat, all from his closet.

In the end, I was happy to just be married.  Even if I didn't have all these extras I would have been just as happy, but it was fun adding a little bit of a personal touch.  Also, shoutout to my friend Dan who brought a DSLR and took pictures for us! All my friends made this such a fun day!

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