Halloween 2015 Pt 1 - Give Me Her Heart

I love the show Once Upon a Time, although that love has waned these past couple of seasons (ever since the Frozen hype money grab). I've always wanted to make the costumes from that show, especially something from Regina King's wardrobe. I mean, she has got to be the most glamorous one in the show!

Now having many years of costume making under my belt, I was able to put together a Regina-esque outfit from pieces I already had on hand.

The skirt I already owned. It's mermaid shape was perfect for the character, nd it has a shiny stink set at the back. It was a hand me down from an older coworker who wore it to an event in Washington DC, so for ages I was stumped trying to figure out where I could wear it. I wonder what she'd think if she knew I was wearing it for Halloween. 

The corset I wore is an old, crappy one I bought from a costume shop years ago. I decided to open it up and replace all the thin plastic boning with duct ties. They're thicker and don't mold to your body as easily. It worked great, and even gave the corset more cinching strength. I did cut he bones too long at first so they poked at me all through the night. I've since trimmed them a bit and they're working much better. 

The cropped jacket I bought from the thrift store and while I love the animal print collar it already had, I wanted a little bit more bling. So I quickly cut out a semi circle from a glitter dot knit, added a satin lining, and tacked it over the existing collar. 

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