Halloween 2015 Pt 2 - We're All Mad Here

Because my costume was mostly pre-assembled, I was able to spend my sewing energy on my boyfriends costume. I originally wanted him to be Rumplestilskin, but he voted for the Mad Hatter instead. Still an awesome villain but harder to make with materials I already had. 

First of all, he needed a coat. I was on a budget so I couldn't just buy a ton of heavy tweed. So I went to the thrift store and bought a medium weight fabric curtain. It was a bright red-orange so I dyed it with black to dull the color down to a burgundy. 

I then cut out Simplicity 2333, using the pre-made hems of the curtain wherever I could to save time (this was a very last minute costume!). The contrast on the collar was made from scraps from last years elf costume. I only used it on the collar and the inside of the front flaps to give it a clean edge, but it doesn't extend all the way inside.

His vest was another scraps project. The hatter, in any version, is always full of texture and layers. So I used leftover red brocade from my GoT dress and lined it with leftover red velvet from his Royal Cape project. Personally, he finds it too flamboyant, but I think it matches with the overall look. 

Just a couple of finishing touches and we were done. My boyfriend even bought a real top hat that he's been wearing on a regular basis ever since.  The sleeves were never hemmed and the coat doesn't have an actual lining, but he loved his costume and we had a blast going out for Halloween!

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