Quick Christmas Comission

This is just a quick post about a commission I did for a friend this month. With the Krampus movie coming out he wanted to go to a holiday party dressed as the titular character.

I've made this pattern (Simplicity 9887twice before, sewing capes for me and my boyfriend. I cut from the typical crushed velvet, using red for the outside and black for the inside. This time I simply left openings by the shoulders for his arms, simply stitching the shell and lining together at those points. It wasn't until I had finished that I realized the pattern came with alternate pieces for the yoke that included armholes. But it was too late and it still turned out well. 

Using the faux fur was a new experience for me. I had to be strategic about how I stitched it to the hood and down the front, making sure the nap was running in the direction I wanted. I watched a lot of online tutorials to learn how to properly cut and sew the fur.  I also had to figure out attaching the toggles, which were a bit too think to run through my machine. Lots of hot glue and fabric glue kept them in place. Overall, I believe it's a successful project, and my friend was very pleased. Combined with his custom leather mask he was a hit at the holiday party.

Check out his dope mask!

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