Dressed like the First Lady

I've been needing a new winter coat for a couple of years now. I've either outgrown my old ones or the closures have broken. I do have one super puffy ski jacket, but it's unnecessary for the light winters we get here in Atlanta, Georgia. So, I finally bit the bullet and dived into coat making.

I usually shop at Fine Fabrics, a discount supply store that doesn't individually label its products. So this purple fabric was from their wool & cashmere section and that's all I know about the fabric content. It's not as thick as some of the obvious wools that were there and was probably meant as more of a suiting fabric. But it was such a lovely shade of purple I bought it anyways.

You can see my notch markings!

I made up for its thinness by interfacing the entire lining and facing. I used a thick interfacing to give the coat more structure and warmth and I think it worked very well. I like how the coat is able to flare out without additional help, such as horsehair braid.

I used Butterick 5966, a multi cup pattern, and I cut out the DD piece for size --. After a breif tissue fitting to make sure I had ample room, I went ahead and cut out my fashion fabric. The front fit extremely well and the back is slightly baggy. No surprise since I usually do a swayback adjustment in my dresses. But since this was outerwear I didn't mind. 

I used shoulder pads for the first time and I like the extra structure they give. I also like how they give the illusion of a smaller waist by comparison. Now to be honest, I am wearing an under bust corset in this shot, but the contrast adds to the drama. 

The other detail on the coat I'm fond of is the button placket. I like how it turned out and I LOVE these coconut buttons I got from JoAnns. I'm also enjoying how the contrast of the lilac lining peaks out along the placket and the pockets. 

Shape without the belt

This coat really fills a void in my wardrobe. I had nothing to bridge the gap between my light fall jackets and my blizzard-ready puffer. I also didn't have anything to wear with a dress the few times I went out someplace nice. This coat is already getting a ton of wear, unfortunately spring is coming and it'll have to get shelved fairly soon. 

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