Sewing Space?

I believe my number one hindrance to plenty of sewing is a lack of suitable sewing space. I used to have an entire spare bedroom to myself, but we've since added another roommate to the apartment. So currently I am sharing a desk with my boyfriend.

My poor machine hidden away underneath.
I have to put my machine away when I'm done, so it's hard to work up the effort to take everything back out again. Plus, most of my fabric and supplies are stored in the hall closet, under several totes and suitcases.  Sewing would be simpler if I had a dedicated space that would need minimal set up. But that so hard to do in a small shared bedroom. Then I ran across this picture online:

2 bookcases unfold to reveal a crafting space!
And suddenly remembered this under-used bookcase in the living room, salvaged from the dumpster:

It looks so sad.
It has no shelves and currently holds video games and random paper. But now I'm thinking about its potential and sketching out storage ideas:

Not drawn: the fold out shelf for the sewing machine.
So as I began writing this post, I walked past the storage closet in the hall:

So junky! But, the potential!
It's half full of stuff belonging to a friend (along with my sewing supplies), but she's coming to get it soon. Since I can't just do the simple thing, I started brainstorming even more.  Maybe I can move the bookcase into the closet and have a space like this?

Oh Pinterest, why do you keep giving me ideas?
My closet is actually really deep and wide, but I'd only need a small section of it.  I have so many ideas flying around my head, ahh! But first order of business is to find some shelves for the bookcase. Unlikely to find ready made shelves so to the hardware store I go!

The awesome bookcase hack belongs to Queen Lila: Royalty Crafts.
The closet office is from IHeartOrganizing.

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