Vogue 8305 - Wrap Cardigan

I made this cardigan ages ago and it has been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe.  Super comfy and easy to wear, it is one of my favorite pieces of clothing so far. I used Vogue 8305, a gift from my boyfriend's grandma. She used to be a seamstress and gave away a lot of her fabrics and patterns once she retired.  It's described as a jacket on the envelope, but it's so obviously a cardigan.

Draped over one shoulder.
The fabric is a greenish-grey cotton jersey I got from Walmart. Since this was my first knit piece of clothing I wanted to get something cheap. I considered dying it emerald green but I think the grey is a better match for different outfits.

Belted, most common way I wear it.
The instructions were pretty simple to follow, though hemming the open end took forever.   The armhole seams are a bit wobbly since I thought I could stretch out the ease, but I definitely did it wrong. The only thing I really disliked was how the shoulders met with the back piece. It leaves a weak spot at the corner that I reinforced a lot, but it's a weird design choice.

Wrapped around the waist.
One thing I cannot figure out is the fit of my cardigan.  I assumed it was a slouchy fit, but it seams incredibly baggy in the armholes. Plus the sleeves are so long I have to cuff them or else I risk losing my hands.  It might be a combination of the fabric stretching more than I expected and cutting out one size too large.

Draped over both shoulders.
Fitting problems aside, I would definitely make this again.  This cardigan has been in constant rotation in my closet and pretty much goes with everything.

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