New Year, New Room, New Machine

The new space

So I've been living in Atlanta for about 8 months and I finally organized our office/guest room into a useable space.  I was kind of forced to by a new addition that needed to find a proper place.

They're Brothers!

Tada! For Christmas my boyfriend got me a serger.  (He has definitely been the financier for my sewing endeavors.) I was so excited that I went ahead and made matching dust covers for both it and my sewing machine.

The suitcase
Next to the machines is a "vintage" suitcase holding all my patterns.  It used to be able to close all the way, but I've acquired so many patterns that it stays open permanently. I'll eventually need some alternative for pattern storage.

got some scrapbooks and Sailor Moon too!

The cube shelf could only fit in the office if I faced it away from my desk, so I put things on it I didn't need immediate access to. That includes books, paint, knitting, scraps, plus my boyfriends leather and beadwork tools.

toolbox and tote

Behind the cube shelf is my toolbox with all my sewing machine stuff and other notions (elastics, grommets, etc). I also have a tote for my measuring/cutting tools. It's super portable so I can carry it back and forth to the dining table where I cut my fabric.

DIY cardboard shelves

To the left of my desk are shelves I made out of cardboard boxes and I love them! I needed some vertical storage, but didn't have the money for it. So I just grabbed some boxes leftover from our move, stacked them, and now they hold all my current and planned projects, patterns, and notions. I like this system cause I can easily switch projects and don't have to go hunting for some fabric or a zipper.

jars of notions

Below the shelves is a box of thrift store finds waiting to be refashioned.  Next to them are a bunch of candle jars I use to hold trims, piping, zippers, and buttons.

More cardboard shelves!
On the floor by the windows are some more makeshift shelves. These hold fabric that don't quite have a project yet, but I want to keep them visible I case something inspires me. The green tote holds even MORE fabric, mostly faux furs, stretch velvet, and other costume fabric. The orange box hold various crafting junk (spray adhesive, tye dye, etc)

Thread and bobbin

Finally there's my thread and bobbin collection. I use the bitty machine box I found ages ago for the bobbins and a box from the thrift store for thread. Overall I'm trilled with the new workspace. I'm totally ready to get started with a whole year of new sewing projects.

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