A Pretty Pastille

I've been so absent from the blog world for some time now, but I have a good reason: I'm in grad school!  I started In July and it's been nonstop work since then.  It's busy but I'm learning a lot and having tons of fun.

Before the chaos of grad school began, I managed to finish 2 projects from the Colette Sewing book: Meringue and Pastille.  I'll share the Meringue skirt once I finish the Taffy blouse I'm currently working on but here's my Pastille dress.

I cut a size 18.  The skirt portion fit without any alterations.  The bodice had too much material in the back, a problem I heard many people had with this pattern, so I did a sway back adjustment.  I also did my usual FBA on the front, but I only needed to increase by an inch instead of my usual 2 inches.  Colette patterns are drafted for a C-cup, as opposed to the B-cup the Big Three companies draft for.

I made it from a blue mystery stash fabric I got from my boyfriend's mom, which she got from her mother who used to be a seamstress.  I know it's some sort of women material with no stretch, but I haven't done any sort of burn tests.

I'm really happy with this dress.  This is the first fitted I've sewn for myself. Typically I make things with elastic and loose estimations, but this time I had to accurately measure and draft a muslin. I learned a lot during this process and I hope I'll have time during grad school to make even more clothes

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